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MAXIGUARD® Oral Cleansing Gel (60ml)

MAXIGUARD® Oral Cleansing Gel (60ml)

MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Gel is packaged in a 60ml bottle and does not require mixing or special storage.  The shelf-life is 3 years from the date of manufacture and the expiry date is noted on the bottom of the bottle.  It is slightly thicker than MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Gel + Vitamin C and will not change colour.

MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Gel is the first home dental care product for dogs, cats and exotics offering neutralised zinc (ph7) in hydrogel form.  Neutralised zinc is a patented combination of select amino acids and zinc.  Taurine and zinc gluconate form a complex bond that inhibits the precipitation of zinc in the neutral pH (6.8 – 7.2) range and the hydrogel adds muco-adhesion.  In this narrow pH range an oral zinc preparation delivers increased bioavailability.  With increased bioavailability, the zinc readily permeates plaque and oxidises anaerobic bacteria.

It has excellent pet acceptance and will help stimulate epithelial regeneration.  It is fine for healing red gums in all pets as well as the occasional ulcer. 

The formulation is acceptable to even the most challenging cases such as cats and small dogs.

  1. |Benefits|MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Gel

    • Neutralised zinc (pH) formulation - increases bioavailability

    • Use in challenging pet acceptance cases - better owner and pet compliance

    • Pre and post prophy for all pets - maintains oral health

    • Contains taurine - neutralises offensive mouth odours

    • Chlorhexidine free - safe for long-term use and will not discolour teeth

    • Taste-free formulation - better pet compliance

    • Cleanses and freshens with or without brushing - more convenient

    • Safe and effective for all animals: 

      • Felines

      • Canines

      • Equine

      • Small furries

      • Exotics


      Use MAXIGUARD® Oral Cleansing Gel as a preventative measure and to maintain good oral health.