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IV Infusion Pump

IV Infusion Pump

This compact and lightweight infusion pump comes with many features which allows the operator to be incredibly accurate in controlling the volume of liquid medication infused.

  1. |Features|Features include:

    • LCD display screen.
    • Easy to use function menu.
    • Small and compact.
    • KVO (Keep Vein Open) status.
    • Sound and light alarms for the following:
        Blocked IV. Set
        Air bubbles
        Door Open
        Transfusion complete
        Low Voltage.        
    • Can be used for coloured or colourless liquids.
    • Nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery.
    • Choice of transfusion speeds.
    • Preset transfusion volume:0 - 9999ml.
    • Adjustable occlusion rate.
    • Adjustable giving set accuracy display.
  2. |Dimensions|Dimensions in mm:
    115(l) x 112(w) x 195(h)
    Weight: 2.3kg