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Polarwrap™ 8cm x 3m

Polarwrap™ 8cm x 3m

An instant cooling cohesive bandage ready to be used straight from the pack.

Polarwrap™ is your answer for immediate cold compression therapy for bruises, sprains, contusions, excess fluid build up, swelling and post competition work.

It is important that treatment is applied as soon as possible after work or injury.  It has been designed to provide efficient cooling and compression in a quick, easy and convenient manner.

Polarwrap™ provides analgesic and edema reducing action while being both soothing and gentle to the skin, providing effective convenient and immediate treatment.  Secure firmly in place with A-Tape™, E-Band™, R-Band™, Bandesive™, or Wrapz™.

  1. |Benifits|


    • Provides sustained cold therapy via fluid evaporation with consistent compression for up to 2 hours.  Reduces initial skin temperature by up to 5ºC within 30 minutes.

      High Quality Materials

    • Highly elastic and 99% natural fibres - cotton & elastane.

      Dermatologically Proven Safe and Gentle.
    • Can be applied directly to unbroken skin, independently confirmed by dermatological testing.
    • Do not apply to broken skin or open wounds without a suitable dressing.

      Ease of Application
    • Portable, quick and easy to use, tears by hand to the exact length needed.

    • Readily conforms to every contour without slipping or sliding and remains elastic for an extended period.

      Economical to Use
    • Polarwrap™ can be used anywhere and anytime, only 2 or 3 layers are necessary per application and the unused portion of the bandage stays fresh inside the airtight container.

      First Aid
    • An essential item for client’s first aid kits.

      Competition and Racing
    • This product contains camphor.  Clients should not be recommended to use it after competitive events and racing until they have checked their individual competition’s regulations relating to the use of camphor-containing products prior to competing.
  1. |Presentation|Presentation:
    • 8cm x 3m (stretched length) bandage supplied inside a foil sealed, screw top plastic container.
    • Store between 20-25ºC.  Shelf-life 3 years.  Do not expose to naked flame.