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Vetamin Equine™ 2.5kg Powder

Vetamin Equine™ 2.5kg Powder

Vitamin & mineral supplement for leisure horses and ponies, and particularly beneficial for breeding stock, racing and performance horses.
Common horse feeds are often deficient in essential vitamins and minerals due to nutrient breakdown once forage or grains are harvested, depleting over time in storage.  As these nutrients are essential for day to day bodily functions, horses require a ready supply for normal growth and optimum health.

  1. Vetamin Equine™ is beneficial for:
    • General health & vitality.
    • Red blood cell production.
    • All performance horses.
    • Coat conditioning and colour.
    • Muscle development.
    • Horses prone to the build-up of toxins in the muscles.
    • Improving body condition.
    • Optimal fertility.
    • Maintaining tendon strength.
    • Show preparation.
    • Yearling sale preparation.

  2. |Presentation/Ingredient|
    Available in a 2.5kg powder with measuring cup.

    Ingredient analysis of Vetamin Equine™:
    Vitamins per 56g daily requirement:
    Vitamin A 15.3mg
    Vitamin B1 37.5mg
    Vitamin B2
    Vitamin B3 125mg
    Vitamin B5 54mg
    Vitamin B6 20mg
    Vitamin B12 100ug
    Vitamin C 952ug
    Vitamin D3 75ug
    Folic Acid 5mg

    Minerals per 56g daily requirement:
    Iron 175mg
    Copper 39mg
    Managnese 174mg
    Zinc 174mg
    Iodine 392ug
    Selenium 448ug
    Salt 2.5g
    In a yeast and olseed meal base.
  3. |Feeding|

    Feeding Instructions:

    HORSES: 1 scoop daily (56g).
    PONIES: ½ scoop daily (28g).