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MalaZinc has been designed and formulated for use in the ear. MalaZinc can be used to maintain a normal ear canal environment.

MalaZinc delivers a unique micronutrient blend of topical, safe ingredients that targets the fungus, bacteria and odour. MalaZinc solution breaks down the fungus and bacteria utilising Boric acid, Taurine, L-lysine and Zinc which prevents bacteria and yeast from thriving whilst assisting the body in providing the healthy building blocks for returning normal condition. Micronutrients are suspended and delivered at pH of 4.5 creating a prohibitive environment for the fungus and bacteria to develop.

  • Natural formula
  • Non staining, not oily or greasy
  • Eliminates odour causing bacteria
  • Reduces wax
  • Maintains normal ear canal and epithelium condition
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • Soothes and comforts irritation

MalaZinc is presented in an easy to use squeezable dropper bottle that helps to dispense accurate amounts direct to the inner and middle ear surface or ear canal. MalaZinc’s viscosity is such that the animals natural head movement will distribute the solution uniformly to all surfaces following gentle massage of the ear canal after application. Excess fluid can be removed using absorbent swabs or cotton balls.

MalaZinc is highly effective, a tried and tested solution and very easy to use.

Available in 120ml bottle.

Should be stored at room temperature and has a shelf life of 4 years from DOM.

Always have your veterinarian check your pets ears and general health at regular intervals.

Malazinc – Key Points

Very Effective for Long-Term Maintenance:

Helps prevent re-occurrence of chronic ear problems

Easy, "every other day” application

120ml size is cost effective for long-term maintenance

Resolves Itchy Ears:

Stops scratching – lets pet owners sleep!

Calms problem ears

Very low incidence of stinging

Easy Application:

Clean ears before treatment for best results

Apply once to twice daily for treatment

Three times weekly for maintenance

Easy built-in applicator tip

Only 5-8 drops needed per ear

Does Not Contain Antibiotics or Steroids:

Allows you to choose which cases can be treated without antibiotics and steroids

Can be used as an adjunct to standard antibiotic and steroid therapy

Perfect For Indoor Pets:

Not sticky, greasy or oily

Scent free

Does not stain carpet or furniture