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Aniset™ NF Spiral (20 drops/ml)

Aniset™ NF Spiral (20 drops/ml)
  • Aniset™ NF Spiral (20 drops/ml)
  • Aniset™ NF Spiral (20 drops/ml)

AniSet™ Spiral now comes with Needle-Free injection ports giving you an alternative option from the standard injection ports already available.

Giving set with fully integrated 2.4 metre spiral tube and break point – enabling to disconnect the giving set from the fluid bag which is ideal when your patient needs walking. 


  1. |Feature|
    • Non-kink tubing with a unique priming end cap, allowing you to prime the giving set, expelling all air bubbles without losing any fluid.
    • High standard tubing allows full extensibility and full recoil for improved patient mobility and user convenience.
    • Our safer Needle-Free (NF) injection valves allow the introduction of medication to the IV line without the use of needles, removing the incidence of needle stick related injuries, accidents and costs.  Also allows other IV accessories, extensions and secondary IV lines to be connected seamlessly without the need for needles, clamps or ancillary joining devices. It is also swabable. 2 injection ports: One at the distal and one at the proximal end. Ideal when using on aggressive patients.