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v-gel® Cats & Rabbits

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v-gel® Cats & Rabbits

Advanced veterinary airway management system.  The first true veterinary species specific supraglottic airway device.

What is v-gel® ?
v-gel® is the first true veterinary species specific supraglottic airway devices.  Its core technology was first proven to work in the human anaesthesia and resuscitation airway management sector, specifically the ‘i-gel’ airway device (, which is delivering significant patient and user benefits on a global scale.

Docsinnovent® ( are innovation leaders in airway management devices.  Its founders led the ‘i-gel’ product and manufacturing technology development programme all the way to market realisation.  After an extensive new research and development programme, Docsinnovent bring the same benefits experienced in humans into the veterinary anaesthesia and resuscitation sector with the first-ever species specific veterinary supraglottic airway devices.

The ‘v-gel®’ name is derived for ‘v’ for ‘veterinary’ and ‘gel’ to highlight that it uses a very soft gel-like material that contributes with anatomically shaped features to give a trauma-free high quality pressure seal around the airway and oesophageal structures.  ‘V-gel®’ is an internationally patented, radical innovation for veterinary anaesthesia which delivers significant benefits.

• What it does
v-gel® has been researched and developed specifically for veterinary use to establish a highly efficient and effective airway for general anaesthesia and emergency resuscitation purposes without the need for use of endotracheal intubation, which is a cause of much airway related morbidity and mortality issues.

How it works
v-gel® is shaped to mirror the pharyngeal airway anatomical structures for each species of animal.  This combined with the use of a super soft gel-like material provides a high quality and trauma free pressure seal with the ability to obtain a clear airway quickly, easily and accurately.

  1. |Benefits|
    The benefits of v-gel®

    • Anatomical matching features combined with a soft gel-like material to give a high quality pressure seal that avoids laryngeal and tracheal trauma, which means safer anaesthetics and superb comfortable patient recoveries.
    • Fast, easy, safe and stress free device insertions.
    • No post-operative coughing or gagging.
    • Low airway breathing resistance due to the large airway channel within the device.
    • High quality pressure seal restricting leakage of volatile anaesthetic agents, thus improving health and safety in anaesthesia and overcoming patient sensitisation to smell – a common problem in rabbits.
    • Super soft contoured tip for a highly effective upper oesophagus seal to prevent potential aspiration of reflux fluid.
    • Integral gas sampling port to reduce re-breathing dead-space and making high quality monitoring easier.
    • Integral bite block to stop patient damaging device and occluding the airway.
    • Materials validated for autoclave sterilisation to eliminate cross-infection.


  2. |Technical|
    Technical Information

    Airway resistance

    Endotracheal tubes locate inside the trachea.  This decreases the cross-sectional area available for the patient to breathe through. Resistance to airflow in a single tube is inversely related to the diameter of the tube to 4th power (R= 1/d4 where R=airway resistance and d = airway diameter).  This means that halving the airway diameter will increase the airway resistance by 16 times.
    The v-gel® supraglottic airway device eliminates this problem as it does not enter the trachea and maintains the airway without narrowing airway diameter, this reduces the workload on the patient’s breathing so in turn can assist in reducing airway related anaesthetic morbidity and mortality.

    The extent of how significant the issue is seen by the pressure drop graphs below (gas flow through the tubes =10 l/min and pressure drop values are measured in mbar).  V-gel® makes breathing easier and reduce workloads for your patients.

     Fig. 1: Endotracheal tubes (ETT) versus Cat v-gel® Fig. 2: Endotracheal tubes (ETT) versus Rabbit v-gel®

    The softness of the v-gel® and the anatomical design avoids pharyngeal, laryngeal and tracheal trauma
    v-gel® supraglottic airway devices are significantly softer than endotracheal tubes and therefore massively reduce the risk of iatrogenic upper airway trauma.  Intubation has been identified as a factor which increases death rate in feline anaesthesia (Brodbelt DC, Pfeiffer DU, Young L et al. (2007) Risk factors for anaesthetic-related death in cats: results from the confidential enquiry into perioperative small animal fatalities (CEPSAF), Br J Anaesth 99, 617–623).  Airway management using v-gel® is safer as the v-gel® devices do not touch the trachea, arytenoid cartilages, or larynx and they are made from super soft materials.  Due to this softness and lack of trauma, they also give excellent quality of recovery without coughing or stridor.

    The graph shows material hardness (measured from zero to 100, where 0 = super softness and flexible and 100 = totally hard and rigid’) of the sections of v-gel® and endotracheal tubes in contact with the pharynx/upper airway.  The v-gel® is significantly softer than endotracheal tubes and is clearly the device with the lowest trauma risk and the highest comfort to result in the best possible postoperative quality of recovery .
    "…I also found the recovery of the cat from anaesthesia much less traumatic, with no coughing, laryngeal trauma or spasm and found that many were more willing to eat post recovery than previously noted with the standard ET tube…”
    Stephanie Pickup, RVN, Kynoch Vets, Bracknell, UK

    Insertion times
    Test results show median v-gel® insertion times to be 2.5 seconds in cats and 8 seconds in rabbits (time taken to achieve a patent airway and a trace on a capnograph). This can be achieved without having to use additional equipment beyond that needed to check that the pharynx is clear of foreign material.



  3. |v-gel Cats|

  4. |v-gel Rabbits|



  6. |Videos|
    Docsinnovent - v-gel® Rabbit

    Docsinnovent - v-gel® Cat

    It is recommended that v-gel® is sterilised for a maximum of 40 times.
    USE 121ºC autoclave setting.

  7. |Cleaning|
    Cleaning & Sterilisation

    Use of v-gel® device allows adherence to strict standards of sterility to prevent cross infection.  The v-gel® has been designed to be sterilised between uses in a standard autoclave.     
    • Wash with an enzymatic cleaner

    • Rinse thoroughly

    • Allow to dry

    • Place back in correct cradle

    Click here to download v-gel® Cleaning Protocol

  8. |Training|
    Training & CPD

    Docsinnovent provides a range of on-line training materials which you are strongly advised to study before making your first v-gel® purchase, and use so as to make sure you begin your short journey into becoming an efficient and effective user of v-gel in clinical use.  Complementary to this we offer you the chance to gain a free on-line v-gel supraglottic airway management certification which accounts for 5 hours of CPD points.  Once you have studied all the materials we again strongly advise you to undertake our on-line v-gel ‘Certificate in Veterinary Airway Management’, to test your understanding and prepare you for your first v-gel® use.  You will need a pass mark of at least 75%.  Once you gain it you will go on our register of certification holders.  Today we offer a level 1 certification in v-gel supraglottic veterinary airway management and there will be further levels on offer which are under development.

    Click for Training